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SEO Tools for every SEO specialist gives you top notch SEO Tools for online utilize. Each part of the Search Engine Optimization is secured by our devices - Link Building, SEO Automatization, SEO examining, following and overseeing. The most entire SEO Tools gathering in the web.  A portion of the devices require registration, some are accessible to use on the fly. In the event that you have any question about everything, for example, if you are having questions about unlimited hosting plans, you can always ask us. Or, maybe if you are not sure about the dedicated server for game hosting and what it does- contact us!!

Our TurboSEO Tools...

Also, dont forget that we can offer you our vps hosting managed plans that will be made just for you. The cheap managed vps hosting has so many advantages. Not only that, it is supporting PHPSo far we have nice pack of 16 SEO tools and more are coming on their way!!!

  1. Mass Auto Backlink builderTurboSEO's mystery weapon! With this device you can assemble many backlinks in a matter of minutes. Present your site in hundred of sites for positioning and breaking down and get several connections. Completely mechanized - a single tick of a catch and we present your site in colossal rundown of Stats destinations. Likewise we ping each accommodation so your new backlinks are effectively filed by the web crawlers.

  2. Long Tail Keyword Research Toolll Ever wonder which keywords to use for your SEO? Use our Keyword research tool and found your keywords. It uses four of the largest search engines to harvest REAL results and put them in CSV file ready for you to download. Find every lonk tail keyword and dominate your niche, taking top results in these low-competition keywords. Must have for every serious SEO specialist!

  3. Mass W3C Validator W3C validation is always a problem for huge websites. You must check every single page, one by one, to see if you pass the validator or no. Even if you pass it it takes you hours to check it. With our Mass Validator you can check automaticly every page in your website with just one click of the button! Upload your sitemap and you are ready to go. It checks both the HTML and CSS validations and you can check which pages are not valid for seconds!

  4. Automatic Search Engine Submitter Well, this is how we all start. One of the first steps you must do when you start your SEO is to submit your website in the search engines. But not everybody know that is better to do it at all possible places, not only in Google, Yahoo and Bing. That's why we made this tool - to help you submit your site in more places just for a second.So far we support 20 Search engines, but we are open to new suggestions!

  5. Backlink's Turbo Indexing tool Boost your Backlinks with our Backlink's Turbo Booster. Change the speed of getting your website to the top from "Snail" to "Turbo", boost your links with the most powerfull tool in the WEB! Boost your backlinks and get fast and quality indexing of your backlinks, giving you the best result for your link building SEO. You can also boost your very own website for fast indexing of your new pages!

  6. Keyword Position Checker One of the best tools we offer. Check your SERP for any keyword for every website you have in seconds. Make your SEO life easier - we keep the history of your SERP results for every website in our servers so you can check them at anytime. Our Keyword Position Checker is organized perfect, you need to write your keyword the first time you run it. After that every SERP checking is a matter of clicking one button! Easy as that.

  7. Directory Submission tool TurboSEO offers you Semi-automatic directory submission for PR0 to PR9 directories. Make fast link building for no time with our Directory Submitting Bot. We have list of 5000 Directories (international and local) and our list is growing everyday. That's an option for more than 5000 backlinks to your website! Combine it with our Backlink Turbo Booster and your SEO will fire up to the top!

  8. Rank Checker Check your Google PR and Alexa rank and keep tracks of your ranks for every website you want. The results are saved in our servers in nice, organized database and you can check the history and differences in your ranks every single day. Make your SEO audition easier!

  9. Backlinks Checker See how many backlinks you have in the Search engines. Our tool show's you the results of your link building SEO efforts. As every one of our tools we keep the history for every day and every website you have.

  10. Search Engine Saturation tool Look for your indexed pages with this tool. It's easy to do it on hand, but we keep the history of every website from your project, including history of every page that has been indexed... every day!

  11. SEO Auditor Audit your whole website with the powerfull fully automatic auditor. Manage the Search Engine Optimisation for every single site you want.

  12. Social Bookmarker Share your links and pages directly from our TurboSEO panel in 150 different Social Networks! Our Social Bookmarker will help you to submit your links semi-automatic in every famous social network (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, etc.) and hundreds of not so known Social Bookmarking websites for minutes. Help your Link Building and expand your SEO beyond the Directories links!

  13. Blog Commenter Automaticly submit comments in Thousands of Blogs. Our Automatic Blog Commenter uses Googles search results for finding the blogs, so you don't need to have lists with url's. Just type some keyword and auto-submit your comments in hundreds of blogs with only click of a button. You can make a list of 10 comments per project for random submission and automaticly check the status of your comments for moderated blogs with just a click of a button. Of course every comment is saved in our database so you can keep tracks of the blogs you put your links on! Build hundreds of links, combine it with our Backlink Booster and look your SEO going crazy!

  14. Links Checker Check if you have dead links on your website. Our Links Checker helps you to improve your Search Engine Optimization. Don't keep dead links in your website! Google hates them. Just one click and you get detailed information about all your internal links!

  15. Meta Tag Generator It may seems funny, but still a lot of webdesigners don't use their Meta tags properly. So we added this little tool to help you. Craw your website to check your existing meta tags and help you generate the missing ones with a click of a button. Generate your metatags to improve your SEO!

  16. TurboSEO Tracker Yes, we even offer you your own tracker! If you are tired to use some external trackers with heavy scripts and inaccurate information you can use our tracker from inside your panel with everything else! Real data for your personal use in 13 languages! Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, French, German, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Russian are supported from our tracker! 

TurboSEO Directory

What's more, remember to investigate and register in our Free SEO Directory (Unique SEO neighborly combo interface article index), it's only one all the more free approach to assemble some Do-take after connections to your site! Present your postings and articles for nothing!


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"The best SEO tools in the web, working perfectly, not like the most useless tools in the web. I will reccomend this to a friends, for sure!" G. Tenev

"Great collection! I use TurboSEO in my everyday SEO work for my clients. The directory sumbission tool gives me hours of spare time and now i work with triple more clients..." Emil

"The Backlink Booster rocks... my brand new website was indexed 6 hours after i put it online, only 3 hours after i boosted it. And all my backlinks were indexed within days. Great!" Checho

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