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Frequently asked questions about our SEO tools, submitters, backlink booster and everything TurboSEO offer.!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer you are wooking for - feel free to ask us through our contact form.

  1. SEO Panel
    1. I can't discover the enrollment page!
    2. I can't login!
    3. What number of sites i can oversee?
  2. TurboSEO Backlink Booster
    1. How to utilize the BackLink Booster?
    2. I can't discover the Booster in the TurboSEO Panel...
  3. TurboSEO Directory
    1. Why i can't login with my TurboSEO Panel points of interest?
    2. Can i utilize the catalog without your different administrations requiring enlistment?
  4. General
    1. Do you have other SEO devices than the SEO board, which doesn't require enlistment?
    2. Do you have some safe BlackHat SEO devices or strategies you could share?
    3. Do you offer any rebates?
    4. Do you offer some other administrations than your apparatuses?
    5. Do you offer SEO scripts for introduce all alone server?


SEO Panel

I cannot find the registration page!

There is no registration page in the TurboSEO panel, only login. To register and start using our panel go to our SignUp page and register to get access to all of our SEO tools!

I cannot login!

There could be 2 reasons for this. Either you didn't registered at all or your registration is not confirmed yet. We will send you e-mail when we approve your account, usually up to 24 hours after registration.
If you didn't register at all - go to our SignUp page to start your new SEO life!

How many websites i can manage?

You have no limitation in the websites.

TurboSEO Backlink Booster

How to use the BackLink Booster?

Our BackLink Booster is still in testing stage. When we reliesed it we will compose all that you have to utilize it, including recordings. The TurboSEO Backlink Booster is premium administration and it's not free, but rather the initial 25 clients get it for nothing. Agree to accept our bulletin to be from the initial ones that realize that our BackLink Booster is on the web!

I cannot find the Booster in the TurboSEO Panel...

The TurboSEO BackLink Booster is not some portion of our SEO Tools Panel. Infact it is a piece of your program! When we discharge it you will discover each data you require in our Link Booster Page!

TurboSEO Directory

Why i can't login with my TurboSEO Panel details?

Our TurboSEO directory is another part of our system. That's why you need to register there separately. On the other hand - the registration in our SEO directory is automated, you only need to confirm your registration from your e-mail and you are ready to start your listings and article submission!

Can i use the directory without your other services requiring registration?

Yes, you can. You are not required to have account in our main services (the TurboSEO panel). That's why the registration is separate.


Do you have other SEO tools than the SEO panel, which doesn't require registration?

Yes, except our TurboSEO panel and our BackLink Booster we have other SEO tools, ready for use directly. But if you take a look at our website you already know that. Anyway, here you are, link to all of our SEO TOOLS

Do you have some safe BlackHat SEO tools or techniques you could share?

All things considered, you know, great blend of WhiteHat SEO and some safe BlackHat SEO is constantly superior to immaculate WhiteHat. Our apparatuses are immaculate WhiteHat (obviously on the off chance that we acknowledge that robotized SEO devices are not BlackHat, in which we accept!), but rather in our blog you can discover fascinating BlackHat SEO strategies that are tried by us and we utilize them for a considerable length of time.

In any case you won't discover anything bad-to-the-bone that could hurt your site in long haul, we are emphatically against these techniques!


Do you offer any discounts?

We have rebates for a greater amount of our administrations. More you purchase - less you pay. Additionally we have uncommon rebates for specialists, as we probably am aware how hard is to be without organization cash and you should be all alone. For more data look at our services page.

Do you offer any other services than your tools?

You can check our services page for complete information of our SEO services. Except our SEO Tools we offer scripts reselling, marketing campaigns and SEO analyses. Also we have a lot of free SEO tips, so you can browse our website free, you will find a lot of SEO stuff.

Do you offer SEO scripts for install on our own server?

Yes, we offer reselling for most of our scripts, we also offer free instalation in your servers. For more detailed information you can heck our services page.


TurboSEO Panel Includes:


"The best SEO tools in the web, working perfectly, not like the most useless tools in the web. I will reccomend this to a friends, for sure!" G. Tenev

"Great collection! I use TurboSEO in my everyday SEO work for my clients. The directory sumbission tool gives me hours of spare time and now i work with triple more clients..." Emil

"The Backlink Booster rocks... my brand new website was indexed 6 hours after i put it online, only 3 hours after i boosted it. And all my backlinks were indexed within days. Great!" Checho

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